Land Transport Strategy & Research

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Human powered transportation

Although humans are able to walk without infrastructure, the transport can be enhanced through the use of roads, especially when using the human power with vehicles, such as bicycles and inline skates. Human-powered vehicles have also been developed for difficult environments, such as snow and water, by watercraft rowing and skiing; even the air can be entered with human-powered aircraft.

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This is especially felt in the car transportation business. Carmakers need to be offered not only transportation of car parts, but also logistics solutions for manufactured vehicles. The goal of the companies in this sector is therefore to establish long-term business relations and continuously increase customer satisfaction through the services provided.

This paper aims to contribute to a better understanding of those aspects of VT quality most likely to attract car users. Toward achieving this aim, relevant research was sought to answer the following two questions: What quality attributes of VT services are attractive to users? And what changes in quality attributes of VT services would encourage modal shift from private motor vehicles to VT? Using a qualitative systematic review, it is concluded that while service reliability and frequency are important VT attributes in general, those attributes most effective in attracting car users are largely affective and connected to individual perceptions, motivations and contexts.

Project Information

  • Project Title: Land Transport Strategy Project
  • Client: Prabjit
  • Date: 30 April 2017
  • Project Value: Rs.-2,31,370
  • Category: Road Transport
  • Status : Completed
  • Jammu to Kerla