Packaging and Store Strategy & Research

As worldwide moving experts, Shiftingwala understand that when people think moving they also think (and stress about) packing.
Running about sourcing packing materials such as packing boxes, packing tape and protective wrap is time consuming.

Packing household goods from delicate ornaments, books, clothes, toys, housewares to TV’s, furniture and appliances can take days. In the end many people simply give up being careful, throwing items haphazardly into packing boxes, living to regret it when cherished possessions arrive to their new destination in pieces!

Our packers bring everything with them.

Forget having to source packing supplies, our expertly trained packers will bring all necessary packing materials with them. We have special boxes for packing glasswear, china, artwork, antiques and more. Our protective wrapping and strong packing boxes keep your goods safe on their journey to your new home. All of your boxes will be labelled correctly, making unpacking easy.

  • Shiftingwala maintains Rs.2 million worth of General Liability insurance. Many residential and commercial office buildings in Eastsouth Arkansas require insurance certificates prior to any work performed on the premises. The amount of insurance a company carries is an important factor when choosing a mover;

Seasonality is first and foremost among the challenges facing all car transportation companies. M. Kumar, head of the vehicle transport department at Shiftingwala, says companies need to adjust to market fluctuations felt particularly at the start of the year and in the second half of the summer, when factories and cargo volumes slow down. Conversely, autumn and spring see high volumes of cargo requiring transportation, meaning that the logistics chain needs to be carefully planned and prioritised to deliver them all on time.

Shiftingwala Transport is committed to providing you with our personal touch customer service. We aim to get your vehicle scheduled with a reputable driver in a timely manner. Shiftingwala provides easy car shipping services for Private Car Owners, Dealerships, Auction Buyers and Salvage Yards. Our goal is to provide reliable, value-priced, hassle-free vehicle transport services to increase your buying and selling power.

Project Information

  • Project Title: Packaging and Store Strategy & Research
  • Client: Ashok Agarwal
  • Date: 30 July 2019
  • Project Value: Rs.-1,00,000
  • Category: Packing & Moving
  • Status : Completed
  • Himachal to Gurugram