Sea Freight Strategy & Research

India has become the new flagship of the emerging countries, after overtaking China in the forecasts for economic growth. Its transition to a free market economy and the progressive increase in the purchasing power of a highly qualified middle class have contributed to stimulate greatly the ocean freight to India.
Besides, the recent measures to control deficit and inflation, as well as domestic and foreign investment in infrastructure and services, inspire great confidence to investors worldwide. The ocean freight to India has become a key option for any export strategy.

FCL or LCL for your ocean freight to India

In order to insure you take the maximum advantage of your booking of ocean freight to India, we suggest choosing carefully between a Full Container Load (FCL) or a Less than a Container Load (LCL) – Groupage.

FCL means that you will have a container exclusively for your cargo shipping. It is especially suitable in case you have to ship more than 14 or 28 cubic meters and you are able to fill more than half of a container. The maximum capacity of the standard 20 or 40-foot container is 30 and 60 cubic meters respectively. Another way to measure the capacity is by pallets: a 20-foot container holds 10 standard American pallets, and a 40-foot container holds up to 21 of this type, with the following dimensions: 39.37 in. wide and 47.24 in. long. When your cargo fills more than half of a container, it starts being cost-effective; then consider that your cargo won’t share the container with other companies’ products, and the decision is even clearer.

By booking an LCL shipping when filling less than half of the container, you will get the lowest possible price when sending cargo to India. Nevertheless, you will probably want to prevent your cargo from being exposed to other traders’ products; in that case, FCL will be your best choice. However, if your cargo volume can’t fill up half of a container and you are not concerned for sharing the container, we suggest choosing “groupage”; you will share the container with other traders, but you will pay only for the space used by your cargo.

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Project Information

  • Project Title: Sea Freight Strategy & Research Project
  • Client: Mohamad Javed
  • Date: 04 January 2020
  • Project Value: Rs.-4,50,000
  • Category: Sea Transport
  • Status : Completed
  • International: